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Educational and Experimental Pain Support Group:

Donna states: “Dr. Faraone-Ledgard, thank you so much for introducing me to the Headache Support Group. It was just what I needed in order to explore other methods of controlling/eliminating my headaches other than with medication.” “I feel the “hands on” participation was most beneficial in helping me to determine which methods worked best for me.”

Susan states: “This is just what the doctored ordered, finally other options to help me treat my headaches without having to take medication. The treatment options I have learned will help me use less and less medication. I hope that I won’t need anymore medication and I now I have belief that this will come.”

(Hear Sean’s actual testimonial!)Sean states: “I came to see you about a year and a half ago about smoking – and I want to let you know that a year and a half later I’m still NOT smoking and I think what you did for me is pretty much a miracle….I really should thank you, it’s been a long time and it’s still going strong.

Dawn states: “Finally a support group where I actually learned something. I loved the fact the we didn’t talk about our pain but actually learned ways to treat our pain. I left each session more encouraged and optimistic that I will now overcome my pain. Thank You!”

Chris states: “I can’t believe that I have suffered all these years, have seen several practitioners, have participated in many support groups and visited pain clinics throughout New England; and I have never found anything more useful than this educational support group.” ‘The methods presented in these sessions are educational and informative.” “The practical portion of each night is worth every dollar. Thank you!”

MaryAnn states: “I have successfully lost 73lbs in 9 months by using hypnotherapy for weight loss. It has helped me incorporate exercise and healthy eating to achieve my goal. I have tried everything and this was my last resort with great success!”